This easy-to-use and professional query module allows for the collection of relevant, target-oriented and structured information from the customer and also guarantees a quality gain for the entire fitting process. more..

Saddle pressure

Pressure mapping at the saddle enables the exact analysis and optimization of the point of contact saddle in a professional bike fitting. more..

Motion Analysis

Our high-speed video-analysis enables the exact capturing of motion quality, joint angles and pedalling motions. more ..

Foot pressure

Flexible pressure sensor mats in the cycling shoe deliver previously immeasurable information concerning the exact load during the pedalling cycle. more..

Add-on Aero-Pad

For the first time ever, our pressure sensor mats allow the exact and quick analysis of the stability in the aero-position. more…

Add-on MTB grips

With our pressure mapping mat for the mtb-handlebar we address previously unsolved questions regarding the force distribution between saddle and handlebar. more..