GP Cycle

Fields of application

  • Analysis of the fitting components cycling shoe & pedal system
  • Optimal positioning of the cleats
  • Analysis of cycling movements (to minimize asymmetries
  • Sensible measuring tool in a professional bikefitting
  • Analysis of specific fitting tools (shims, wedges)
  • Customization of individual cycling insoles


When using the measurement system GP Cycle you may dynamically record the planar pressure stain inside the biking shoe. The pictures of the pressure measurement contain information on the stressed points inside the shoe. These may help to choose the fitting shoe from among the assortment. Additionally, it is possible fine-tune the shoe – pedal connection. And finally, one may use these pictures to choose insoles or even to order customized ones.

When interested in performance parameters, one may analyze the load that is transmitted to the crank at any time of the pedalling cycle. Based on this analysis it is possible to detect left-right differences. Each of the measuring soles contains 32 sensors.

The data are wirelessly transmitted and saved to your computer. This ensures the cyclist’s mobility during the measurement.  The maximum measurement frequency is 200Hz; information can thus be gathered with high precision.


  • Displaying of the results though a colour code or a 3-D pressure chart
  • Cue-play and return features for the pressure measurement data
  • Individual definition of foot-areas for which maximum values and power curves can be displayed
  • Colour printed report

Complete report

A complete, color report is produced including:

  • Mean Pressure across the foot
  • Foot pressure in each zone (by zone)
  • Max pressure values and location on foot
  • Left and right side pressure and force comparison
  • Foot pressure tracking pattern

Basic and Pro package

We do offer every module of our measuring hardware in two different packages: basic and pro.

The pro package will give you more hardware and fit-tools while the basic aims to be as accessible as possible.