gebioMized PUSH


Push it! The foot-pedal interface has to bear a lot of pressure. Pressure can lead to maximum performance – or to serious problems – also and especially in the cycling shoe.

The insole plays a decisive role in the targeted distribution of pressure. The goal: decreasing pressure peaks while achieving a more even load across the foot. This is exactly what gebioMized has been doing successfully for many years with customized insoles for cycling shoes. Whether road bike, triathlon, MTB or cyclocross – countless hobby and professional athletes rely, or rather pedaling, on gebioMized insoles, such as Olympic champion Richard Carapaz and Tom Pidcock from our partner Team INEOS Grenadiers.

Now gebioMized is taking the next step: with gebioMized PUSH – the first cycling shoe insole based on more than 25.000 foot pressure mappings. And 100% Made in Germany.

  • Choice out of three different levels of support
  • Outer edge relief to avoid burning feet
  • Relief areas for the big toe
  • Customizability through thermoforming
  • Combinable with the PUSH wedges

Our PUSH Wedges are a useful addition to reduce foot discomfort and enhance the insole effect. The wedges achieve improved durability and optimized flex in the sole of the shoe. We offer them in 15 sizes (sizes 36 to 50), each with a 1.5mm varus or 1.5mm valgus increase. The varus version has the special feature that the big toe is left out, so that increased pressure is avoided.

Similar to the successful saddles of the Secret Saddle Club, bikefitting plays a decisive role in gebioMized PUSH. Based on the values determined by gebioMized foot pressure measurement, a bike fitter can determine which of the three PUSH semi-custom insole variants fits best to foot and shoe.