Motion Analysis

Possible applications

  • Professional bikefitting
  • Analysing the complete seating position on the bike
  • Before/ after comparison when ergonomic components are being change
  • Identifying malpositions of the back (side perspective)
  • Identifying malpositions of the hip (back perspective)
  • Identifying wrong knee-postures (front perspective)
  • Optimized customer retention and advisory quality through documentation and reporting


GP BikeView was developed for the biomechanic movement analysis on the bike and allows for a customer-oriented bikefitting process.

Up to four cameras record the cyclist from different angles – front, back and sides. This permits analysing the pedalling movement, determining the joint angles and evaluating the body posture. Malpositions in the leg axis or the shoe- pedal-adjustment can be visualized and corrected accordingly. This optimizes the ergonomic fit and helps avoiding inappropriate biomechanical stress

Adding angles, plumb lines or grids to the view makes interpretation easy. For single videos it is possible to zoom
in to individual pictures and to adapt the speed with which the recording is played. To complete the software’s analytical capacities, it is furthermore possible to simultaneously play up to four videos, allowing for the comparison of different perspectives or different adjustments. The ability to track the changes on the screen turns the bike-
fitting process in a valuable experience for the customer! Attractive documentation and reporting functions guarantee a perfect advisory quality and enhance the customer retention


  • Synchronic control of up to four cameras
  • Simultaneous recording from different perspectives (sides, front, back)
  • 60 Hz high-speed cameras
  • Analysis tools are directly added to the video view
  • Grids and reference lines allow for the analysis of the movement qualit
  • Seamless combination with the gebioMized saddle and foot pressure measurement systems