10 “golden rules” of gebioMized bikefitting:

  • In each fit process gebioMized is focused on balancing the three pillars power, comfort and aerodynamics.

  • Each analysis is conducted dynamically and as realistically as possible.

  • Each fitting is individual – taking account of the athlete’s history and goals.

  • The gebioMized bikefitting is a process in which an initial measurement (pre-test) is compared to a control measurement (post-test).

  • By combining pre-test and post-test the success is easily traceable and transparent for the athlete.

  • Optimizing the pressure and force dispersion on the three contact points is at the heart of the fitting.

  • The gebioMized bikefitting takes account of and optimizes the body’s most important joint angles.

  • Finding the right components and respecting the special physiology of the rider is united in all fit processes.

  • Objective measurement values and the bikefitter’s know-how form the basis for a successful bikefitting.

  • The gebioMized Bikefitting is a constantly evolving process instead of a closed system.