Hurting hands and numb fingers are frequent troubles of MTB-riders.With our new pressure measurement film for the MTB handlebar we answer some of the previously unsolved questions in MTB-bikefitting, such as: How is the force distributed between saddle and handlebar?

One of the main causes of overstrained shoulders, arms and hands is the high pressure on the handlebar. With an
uncomfortable saddle the pressure is usually enhanced by a tilt of the saddle. This shifts the rider’s centre of gravity
towards the handlebar. Our measurement technique can measure this effect quickly and exactly to optimize the contact point handlebar in the bikefitting.


The data measured by our flexible measurement films are wirelessly transmitted. This enables measurements both in-doors on the fit bike/trainer as well as outdoors. The films are fixed to the grips and neither influence the ride characteristics nor the bike handling. The pressure distribution in depicted graphically and dynamically using a colour scale or a three-dimensional pressure chart. During the live-measurement asymmetric pressure and force distributions can thus be analysed and the position can be optimized accordingly.


  • Dynamic measurement of the pressure distribution on the MTB-grips
  • Comparison of different MTB-grips
  • Identification of the optimal angle for grips with wings
  • Exact results concerning the important saddle–handlebar force distribution (perfect combination with GP BikeMess)
  • Visualization of the measured values on a colour scale or as 3D pressure chart
  • Force analysis to identify asymmetries
  • Complete coloured report on the MTB-grip’s optimal adjustment