The PUSH-Story

This is a story about a very special partnership. It is a story about pushing yourself to unlock the next level. It is a story about how a strong partnership is beneficiary for both sides. The story of gebioMized and Ineos Grenadiers.

And like some strong relationships do, this one started with a lot of pain. It was back in 2018, right before the start of the Tour de France, the mother of all races. The undisputed pinnacle of the season was a mere days from kicking off. And there was this strong rider of this strong team, who was suffering from severe pain in his back.

Somebody provided the telephone number from some german bike fitting company called gebioMized. “Call them, they will help you out”, he said. So they called. And we answered. We solved the problem. And a couple of weeks later they were celebrating a huge 1-3 on the Champs-Élysées.

But CEO Daniel Schade and his crew from gebioMized not only worked on the position on the bike. They also provided custom made insoles to some of the athletes. Soon word in the team was out. So they asked us to join their next training camp. And more and more athletes went for our service.

The people in charge at was then known as Team Sky knew about the importance of bike fitting. And we guessed they noticed, that our gebioMized approach is different. Because we are backing up the whole process scientifically. Key to that is our very own pressure mapping hardware. Using this, gebioMized both measures and evaluates the relation between cyclist and bicycle on the important contact points between bottom and saddle as well as feet and pedals.


But as mentioned at the beginning, this story is not only about how gebioMized helped the team. It’s also about how a trusting partnership empowered us to improve our processes. How it helped us to upgrade us products. And how it eventually led to all new solutions.

“For me personally, one of the best examples for this fruitful partnership is our new PUSH semi-custom insole”, says Daniel Schade. For several years now, gebioMized provides full custom insoles to many cyclists of Ineos Grenadiers. Guys like Egan Bernal, Dylan van Baarle, Adam Yates or Tom Pidcock have been relying on them. “These athletes give us crucial feedback on our products, based on their needs and their experience”, Daniel explains.


At some point, this feedback rang a bell at gebioMIzed. “Looking at all the data we realized that we could classify all our many, many custom made insoles into three categories”, says gebioMized’s bike fitter and product manager Michael Killermann. It was this moment, that the idea of gebioMized PUSH was born. A semi-custom insole concept, based on data of more than 25.000+ foot pressure mappings. During training, the team’s athletes tried out the first prototypes, noted their experiences and provided feedback to us.

“We used this valuable input to fine tune the concept, but it also proved, that our idea worked”, states Michael, adding: “We recognized that through our three different categories, the possibility of using different sized insoles left and right and also some minor individual adjustments, we could satisfy the needs of almost every type of cyclist and every type of foot. Be it a light grimpeur, a strong sprinter or a versatile puncheur.” And when he says individual adjustments, Michael is talking about options like easy to use thermoforming of the PUSH insoles or adding different wedges to optimize angles and support.


Dylan van Baarle from Ineos Grenadiers said: “I’ve been using gebioMized custom insoles for the last few seasons and felt a major benefit. gebioMized are always interested in our feedback as riders and are quick to put it into action. It’s great they’ve used that knowledge to design the new PUSH insoles, so everyone can experience the gebioMized support and comfort.”

And this year’s winner of Paris-Roubiax adds: “It may seem like a small thing but comfort and stability in your cycling shoe at the end of a long stage or race can make all the difference – like at Roubaix, for example. I didn’t even have to think about it thanks to my gebioMized insoles.”

Did we mention that this story is about how a strong partnership is beneficiary for both sides? Well, there is actually even more to it. Because it also beneficiates every cyclist worldwide.

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For detailed information, check out our new PUSH Website.

Dylan van Baarle