Cycling Insoles

It is the contact point Foot – Shoe – Pedal, which is mainly responsible for the load transmission and thus for the run of the whole cycle. That’s why it is important to position the feet as good as possible, both from a performance- as well as from a comfort-oriented perspective. Due to the individuality of each and every foot, the support standard shoes may offer is limited. Who does not know the typical ache caused by burning feet or numb toes due to selective overstressing in the area of the pedals?

Individual pressure mapping inside the shoe picture dynamically where such overstressing occurs. Those points can be analyzed and relieved through the manufacture of a customized gebioMized insole. The insole then causes a better dispersal of the pressure and optimizes the load transmission. Potential asymmetries between the right and the left foot can be compensated. Through this method the overall performance is improved and aching feet belong to the past.

The customized gebioMized insoles are suited for all shoes and all pedal models. Dynamic measures using your own components are the basis for the construction of the insoles. Beside the insole’s degree of hardness you are also free to choose your favoured upper.

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