Contact Point Biomechanics

  • the professional bike fit approach
  • Focus:

    In this online course series, we will demonstrate how accurate pressure mapping data is applied in the field of bike fitting and cycling optimization. You will learn how gebioMized systems work and how the information about pressure distribution, stability, weight distribution and force application validate your fit decisions. In 5 online sessions, you learn about a professional workflow and which information concerning the interaction of cyclist and bike you obtain with this kind of measuring technology. We present various real world bike fitting cases to highlight the heart and soul software GP Bike (Saddle Pressure Mapping) of cycling analysis. This online education series is created with an application-oriented approach. We will show the benefits of gebioMized pressure mapping in practical bike fitting issues.

    ISCO Contact Points Biomechanics


    • Biomechanics & professional workflow for bike fitters
    • Setting up a bike and professional contact point management (saddle & cleats)
    • Stability analysis
    • Triathlon-specific contact point and stability analysis
    • Bike fitting business opportunities

    Target audience:

    • Bike fitters
    • Sports scientists
    • Cycling & triathlon coaches
    • Cycling retailers

    Online course structure:

    • 5 webinar session à 60 minutes + online test
    • Dates 2020: March 24th, March 31st, April 07th, April 14th, April 21st
    • Time: 16:00 (Central European Time – CET)
    • Limited access, but we will increase the number of participants due to the global situation regarding corona virus

    Upon successful completion of the ISCO Online Series ”Contact Point Biomechanics” participants reach an ISCO Level 1 certification.