The evolution of the saddle

NEW starting from September 2018: gebioMized’s first saddle line!



Our hands are sweating with pride and excitement: Soon we will present the result of 15 years of intensive research with a large number of bike fittings and our gebioMized saddle pressure measurements. In addition to our tried and tested gebioMized customized saddle, we will soon be supplementing our portfolio with the first gebioMized saddle line. What we can already tell you about it are the names of our babies: they are called SLEAK and AREA.

But the new saddles are not supposed to show their potential in the laboratory only. In order to also convince riders in real endurance tests on the road, some prototypes are currently already ridden through the Münsterland or in the Alps. And who knows, maybe one day we will see our gebioMized SLEAK and gebioMized AREA  even at the big cycling races like Giro d’Italia, Tour de France or Vuelta a España.

And to shorten the waiting time, we put together some interesting saddle stories from our gebioMized Bikefitting blog:


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