gebioMized & Team Trek Segafredo: Cooperation prolonged

Competitive road cycling might be taking a break at the moment. This does not mean, however, that nothing is going on in this sector, on the contrary. After having worked together in the past two years already, gebioMized and team Trek Segafredo have just sealed cooperation for another year.

“Our cooperation with team Trek Segafredo has taken us forward considerably in the past few years with view of the development of our custom insoles”, summarizes biomechanical expert Daniel Schade. “Therefore the decision to not only prolong the cooperation, but also extend it content-wise was easy. We are very happy that the whole team relies on our technology and know-how in the area of biomechanics and aerodynamics.”

One pillar of this cooperation is again going to be biomechanical analysis of new and known riders around John Degenkolb and Alberto Contador as part of the precisionfit team during which our proven method of pressure measurement will be employed on the contact points between athlete and bicycle. In October, gebioMized and the team already met in Italy for some extensive measuring sessions and getting to know each other in person.

In addition to optimizing the riders’ position and conducting aero- and stability analyses we will provide all riders of team Trek Segafredo with custom-made insoles for road racing just like for time trials. “gebioMized has provided our riders with custom insoles that have improved their riding comfort and power output for years now. gebioMized is also providing expert fitting advice and saddle pressure mapping for optimal performance and power. We are thrilled to continue working together in making our athletes faster and more comfortable on their bikes and in their shoes”, enthuses Matt Shriver, Technical Director of Team Trek Segafredo.

More details on the cooperation coming soon.