Contact Point Biomechanics 2 – THE ADVANCED LEVEL

The advanced ISCO Contact Point class addresses experienced bike fitters who either hold an ISCO Level 1 Certificate and / or are highly experienced in professional bike fitting!

In this online on demand course, we will discuss and demonstrate advanced topics in a professional bike fitting. 
You will learn about enhanced fit protocols to bring your bike fit service to the next level. 

Various optimization opportunities like crank length and chain ring design at the foot – pedal contact point will be discussed based on the scientific evidence and the practical experience of the gebioMized fit staff. The perspective on position sustainability and longterm position development will be the extend of your already well-developed understanding about the stability of the rider.  

Backed up with various real-world bike fitting cases we create an understanding of position stability and the optimal force transfer to avoid overuse injuries and gain performance. This CPB online education series is created with an application-oriented approach.


  • Advanced Biomechanics 

Guiding parameter in context of comfort and performanceunderstand force and power analysis in cycling  

  • Advanced Stability Analysis 

Position sustainability and longterm position development of a long-distance triathlete  

  • Advanced Pre & Post Fit  

How to determine the cause of knee pain and the role of bike fit in prevention and rehabilitation  

  • Advanced Components (2 Sessions) 
  1. The effect of shoe construction crank length and different chain ring designs: Evidence and best practice  
  1. Cycling-specific footbeds – myths, evidence and best practice  

Target audience:

  • Advanced bike fitters 
  • Sports scientists with bike fit research or clinic 
  • Cycling & triathlon coaches with bike fit experience 
  • Cycling retailers with ISCO Level 1 Certificate 

Online course structure:

  • 5 webinar sessions à 60 minutes
  • Online on demand course – the course sessions are every time available
  • Online test
  • Course certificate
  • Course language: English


Online course procedure:

Contact Point Biomechanics online on demand course

Course language: ENGLISH