gebioMized that’s ergonomic cycling products made in Germany. After years of intensive research in cooperation with Münster University a worldwide unique and patent-registered product has been developed – the customized gebioMized saddle.

For the manufacture of such a saddle a dynamic measurement is carried through. For this purpose the cyclist’s own bike is positioned on a trainer and the whole seating position is analyzed and improved according to ergonomic parameters. In doing so several pressure measurements will be done using a high-tech pressure measurement film. These measurements show the problem areas on the saddle as well as the pressure values, measured in millibar, and indicate which bloodstreams, nerve tracts and osseous structures are strained.

Using these data we construct and manufacture the individual saddle that fits the needs of the cyclist here in Münster.

After the individual surface structure has been milled, the saddle is manually covered with premium real leather. This procedure resembles the construction method and the basic idea of insole supply for runners. Through the combination of technical analyses and quality handwork we build a unique product that perfectly matches your body.
Through using this methods the maximum pressure values on the saddle can be reduced by up to 40% and asymmetries or malpositions can be remediated.
You won’t only enjoy the improvement on your next ride; we will also show it to you through control measurements when delivering your saddle.
We have constructed several basic gebioMized saddles for different usages – to range from the comfortable everyday saddle Sherpa’ to the slender race-saddle ‘Cobra’.