Fitting Platform

Small area – great overview!

The gebioMized fitting platform

Integrating a professional bike fitting area into an existing store concept is often challenging. Especially if only little space is available. We are well aware of this problem – both from our partners and from our own gebioMized concept-lab. That is why we, in co-operation with our partner Purely Custom, have developed a smart solution: The gebioMized fitting platform, powered by Purely Custom!


This platform can be easily rotated by 360° and is a great focus point of every fitting studio. It allows for high quality analyses from all perspectives on a small area. By rotating the platform with the rider, all four fitting-relevant perspectives (side 1, front, back, side 2) can be captured with just one video camera.
In addition, the slight elevation of the rider eases working, for example when adjusting the contact point foot or when analysing leg angles and hip rotation.

An additional highlight is the ‘front wheel lifter’ simulating not only riding on the plane but also riding climbs. This makes new, discipline-specific, fitting approaches possible. What does the mountain bike rider gain from having the perfect position for riding on the plane, when what s/he needs is to master one 15% climb after the other?


  • Dimensions: 200cm length x 90cm width
  • High-class workmanship for continuous usage in bikefitting
  • Easy and fast rotation of the platform (including rider + bike)
  • front wheel lifter simulates different ways of incline
  • durable, anti-slip cover material