Franz Löschke will ride gebioMized Stride at Ironman World Championship

Triathlon professional Franz Löschke who finished third at the 2019 Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt, rides on the new gebioMized saddles.


Franz Löschke

Because fast is not fast enough: In search of more performance German triathlon pro Franz Löschke found the new gebioMized saddles. In competition and specific training on the triathlon bike he uses the gebioMized Stride S, when training on the road bike he rides the gebioMized Sleak 145 Cut-out. In just a few weeks the athlete who placed third at the European Championship and his Stride will be on the big stage: at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

Two things make the collaboration with Franz Löschke so special: on the one hand he is the first male professional to ride the gebioMized Stride which was specially developed for triathlon and time trials. Above all, however, the choice of the new saddle was not primarily a matter of comfort for him. Löschke was rather looking for more performance – and he found it with Stride. “With the new saddles I can easily keep my aero position for 90 or 180 kilometers. That means an enormous gain in time, of course,” he explains.

“With the new saddles I can easily keep my aero position for 90 or 180 kilometers. That means an enormous gain in time, of course.”

Franz Löschke, Triathlon professional

“Of course, we were very curious to see how Franz would respond to the saddles. After all, we knew that he always chooses his equipment very carefully,” explains gebioMized bike fitter Jan Neuhaus. He also knows why Löschke is faster with his new triathlon saddle: “Our dynamic saddle pressure measurements show that Franz can tilt his pelvis better forward on the Stride, he sits more stable and aerodynamically on the saddle – with less pressure on his pubic bone, nevertheless.”

For the baptism of fire Löschke took the Stride to Ironman 70.3 in Vichy, France, where he rode the second fastest bike split and finished on the podium. This makes Franz Löschke another prominent member of the Secret Saddle Club, the gebioMized saddle brand, alongside Anne Haug and Daniela Bleymehl. And besides the two fast women he will also race as the third German professional on Stride over Kona’s famous Queen K Highway in October.