We warmly invite all interested bikefitters and ergonomic specialists to participate in our series of webinars. In the webinars we’ll explain several bikefitting related topics, e.g. the integration of pressure mapping into the bike fitting process. A bunch of single-case-studies gives you a deep insight into the next level of  bikefitting. Webinars are reserved for Fitters and Bicycle Retailers only and take around 45 minutes.
Be part of this event! Admission free!

The gebioMized Webinar series Contact Point Biomechanics gives profound insights in biomechanical contact point analysis. ISCO Level 3 Fitters present in an online class which questions to ask and which parameter of modern technology should be taken in account when setting up a bike using examples from practice.

DATES 2017 / 2018:

December 19th, 201711:00 am CETContact Point Biomechanics
Issue 3 – Pelvic stability: valid testing & management

Fitters know about the individual flexibility and movement ability of Cyclists. But have you ever wondered about different reasons: muscular limitation? Lack of body awareness? Avoidance of pain?
In this Webinar we present a strategy how to assess the movement control of a cyclist in a cycling related protocol and how to respect the results in bike set up, choice of components and athletic training protocol.

Example case studies from the gebioMized concept-lab will be shared as example cases for your GP Manager and we provide training protocols as a hand out.



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